2 of my images will appear in the Morpeth charity fundraising calendar this year, following a competition on Facebook.  The first is of a community garden in Middle Greens, Morpeth, which rose as a phoenix from the ashes of a weed bed next to one of the pedestrian bridges, and is tended by volunteers.  The second is a better-known view, of the Clocktower and Hollon fountain, which is also one of the sculptures I am recording for the Sculpture UK project.  The fountain commemorates the generosity of R.W. Hollon of York, who founded an annuity in memory of his wife, a niece of William Trotter, four times mayor of Morpeth.  Under the terms of the annuity £10 was given to 13 elderly men and 12 women of good character, and coal provided for the poor.

Community garden, Middle Greens

Clocktower and Hollon fountain, Oldgate