Not my image, but a photo prompt for writing from “Creative Writing Ink” website, which requires the use of a blog page for submission.

Photo by Reuben Juarez on Unsplash

Every 3 seconds

At last; that’s better. It’s a bit cramped in here, but at least my fins and tail are free to move now.  A stream of water flows through my gills and I slowly recover my composure. 

I explore: from surface to gravel, through the rock arch, a flash of greenery, up again and round.

A face looms up to the glass, and says how big I look in here.  Who is this? I make my mouth gape at him.  

Oh, something’s just hit the water.  Flakes of it spread out, delicious manna from heaven.  I’m in ecstasy.  

Hey, who’s this?  I see a shimmer of orange and gold, frills and fronds of beautiful fins and tail. I’m not alone.  I dart off like an arrow, allowing my tail to flutter alluringly.  Oh my!

I’m hungry.  Don’t they ever feed me here?

Down to the gravel.  Oh, look, a rock arch; I brush against a silky plant; up and around.

Two eyes, staring through the glass, I think I am being watched.  I put my mouth against the side, and gurn.

Ah, hold on, I am not alone; frills and fronds and a speckled body flounce past me, as I swim past with swagger, captivated.

Down to the gravel.  Oh wow, there’s a hole in the rock to swim through, and some greenery wafting in the water.

Up to the surface, some food flakes. Fantastic! 

Down and round, there’s someone right outside the bowl.  I scowl as I pass, nose up, eyes averted, pretending they are not there. 

I wonder if they ever feed me. 

Wait. I’m not the only one in here.  I am halted in my tracks by flowing finnage with a silvery edge.  I would wink at her if I could.  I’m getting goosebumps on my gill covers!  I start the chase.

We swim from surface to gravel, through the rock arch, past the waving greenery.  It’s paradise.  We circle round.

We go to the side, and both gurn.  I think there is someone saying how sweet we look.  

Don’t they ever feed us?

Am I all alone?

Down to the gravel, through the rock arch……

To be continued…….and continued…….and continued