The sculpture project that I have helped with for the last nine months was featured in the Guardian this week:

The project collects images of artistic sculptures, certain war memorials, drinking fountains and street furniture.

So far I have found and recorded over 100 outdoor examples locally, the most recent one being the Spirit of the Staithes at Blyth. Artist, Simon Packard, represented the original timbers of the staithes as thirteen steel legs, supporting panels of a train cut from polished panels of stainless steel. The staithes used to lead trains laden with coal into the harbour.

Spirit of the Staithes, Blyth

Last week I also went in search of the memorial to Ellington and Lynemouth mineworkers, situated in front of the old mining complex. The “Big E” pit was once the biggest in the world, being mined up to 7 miles out to sea.

“Big E” memorial, Ellington