With six and a half hours to kill while the garage serviced my car, what better plan could there be than taking the train and my camera to the coast.  In the event I focussed my attention on 2 iconic buildings, which fortunately had the Tynemouth Longsands beach fish shack between them for a foody snack.

I tried, not the for the first time, to get the whole frontage of the Watch House in frame from the wide angle necessitated by the available vantage position. The Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade, founded in 1864, was the first such organisation in the country. The Watch House was built 1886-1887 overlooking the Black Midden rocks in the mouth of the River Tyne, on which many ships were wrecked and lives lost. The watch house served as a look-out post and the aim was to save lives by firing rocket-borne lines to shipwrecks to rescue sailors and passengers.

Watch House, Tynemouth

By the time I had walked along the beach, there was a bit of colour there as these kayaks returned to base. Established in 1848, the Lifeboat Station is located in the beautiful horseshoe-shaped Cullercoats Bay and operates a B class inshore lifeboat.

Lifeboat station, Cullercoats